Who Am I

Am I a DJ? No.! Am I an Air Personality? No! Am I your friend on the radio? Yes! I am shy talking about myself but here goes. I am fromWestern Pennsylvania and I guess you can figure out I am a huge Pittsburgh Steeler, Pirate & Penguin fan. I hang out in Inglewood with my boys Doc & Tank. I love music, people, animals, sports, travel, pizza and you. I appreciate so much that you taken the time to listen and even read this paragraph or two. I want you to know that I am very active in the community and look forward to meeting you someday.

I have a huge music library and feel free to let me know what Slow Jams you like. If I don't have it I'll get it. The Slow Jams are the stars of the show. I want you to get what you are tuning in for and that's a lot of Slow Jams back to back. Thank you very much for being part of Slowjam.com

I am the original host of “The Slow Jam” radio show, I started my radio career in Frederick, MD, before taking to the airwaves of Washington DC on WKYS. In 1990, I came to Los Angeles to work at 92.3 The Beat. In 2002 I moved to Houston to do Slow Jams at Power 97.5, but a year later returned to L.A. In 2007. I had a two-year run at Hot 92.3 Los Angeles as the overnight Slow Jams host then ended up at Magic 92.5 in San Diego. I am on 8 pm to midnight with the Quiet Storm Monday - Friday. For over 10 years I was the host of THe Original Quiet Storm @ WHUR in Washington, D.C.

​I am also continuing my voice-over career.........

I have always had a passion for Classic & Hard To Find R&B Ballads (Slow Jams). The weaving together of known & not so know songs has set the Slow Jam Show apart from other shows of it's kind. I am honored & proud to think that I have had a hand in perpetuating this genre of music through the years. I thanks each & every person that has listened & communicated to me over the years. YOU, the aficionados of music has kept this music alive........

Slow Jam Description

Slow Jam pretty much describes itself. Songs that are Slow & Jam. Although predominantly R&B, other genres like Pop, Blues and even country can make their mark as a Slow Jam. Slow Jam comes from the song Slow Jam on Midnight Star’s LP No Parking On The Dance Floor. Kevin” Slow Jammin” James created the Slow Jam radio format in 1983 on WKYS in Washington,D.C. WKYS obtained the trademark by using my designed Slow Jam T-Shirt. Years later I obtained the trademark.