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Click on Kevin “Slow Jammin” James on the dash display to go to Dash Radio & Cadillacc Music

I started Podcasting in 2014 as a baromoter of the acceptance to the music I play. This musical style was not endorsed by my employers in San Diego , Los Angeles and D.C.  Well guess what? The Slow Jam became the #1 Podcast on PodOmatic. This #1 rating was across the board with all formats and lasted well over a year. My test baloon convinced me 100% that this music was loved and needed. In October 2014 I had a call from Snoop Dogg about joining him with Cadillacc Music. on the Dash Radio platform. Finally I’m working for someone that understands me and the unique style of music that I play. I’ve backed off the Podcasts recording to cencentrate on my nightly Slow Jam Show on Snoop  Dogg’s Cadillacc Music..