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What is a Slow Jam?

Slow Jams are songs that are Slow & Jam. Although predominantly R&B, other genres like Pop, Blues, and even country can make their mark as a Slow Jam. The term “Slow Jam” comes from the song Slow Jam on Midnight Star’s LP, No Parking On The Dance Floor.

Kevin” Slow Jammin” James created the Slow Jam radio format in 1983 on WKYS in Washington, D.C. WKYS obtained the trademark by using his Slow Jam t-shirt design. Years later Kevin obtained the trademark for himself.

The Original Slow Jam on Snoop Dogg’s Cadillacc Music on Dash Radio. Listen to Kevin Slow Jammin James 6 nights a week starting at 5 pm (West Coast Time), Channel 702 on Dash Radio.

How do you like your music? Rare, Medium, or Well Done?

No problem. Kevin Slow Jammin James plays Rare Slow Jams. He plays MEDIUM Tempo Slow Jams & they are played WELL DONE! (Which means long versions and every note or word is played until it’s over and at the highest CD-quality sound, no MP3s or bootlegs, ever!). Place your order in the request section. The chef, (KSJJ) will prepare your selection just the way you order it.

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A little about Kevin Slow Jammin James

Kevin Slow Jammin James is the original host of “The Slow Jam” radio show which was created in Washington, D.C at WKYS Radio. He started his radio career in Frederick, MD, before taking to the airwaves of Washington, DC on WPGC and then to WKYS. In 1990, Kevin James came to Los Angeles to work at 92.3 The Beat. In 2002 he moved to Houston to do Slow Jams at Power 97.5, then a year later returned to L.A. In 2007 he had a two-year run at Hot 92.3 Los Angeles as the overnight Slow Jams host then moved over to Magic 92.5 in San Diego where he played Slow Jams until 2015. For over 10 years Kevin Slow Jammin James was the host of The  Weekend Original Quiet Storm on WHUR in Washington, D.C. Now you can hear all Kevin's Slow Jams 6 nights a week on Snoop's Cadillacc Music on Dash Radio, channel 702